Bruce Lee is at the peak of his career and in San Francisco, Sphinx Gear Limitedis born, a company that embraces the philosophy of the most eclectic of athletes: an open mind and clenched fists, and no obstacles between east and west.
Only style, performance and a thirst for victory.

Right from the beginning, Sphinx equipment boasted an original, unusual and cooler design, and word soon spread among athletes, who still endorse its success to this day.

Today, thanks to continuous innovation, top-level endorsements and the ability to clearly communicate its values, Sphinx is an increasinglylifestyle oriented brand and a global player bringing
its leadership to the ring and to the lives of innumerable athletes
in 46 countries throughout the world.

1971. The Stones sing Brown Sugar, Apollo 14 lands on the moon, Texas Instruments produce the first pocket calculator and the US Army begins to withdraw from Vietnam.